Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Care

Meet our skin enthusiasts and estheticians; Adele and Crista.

Here are some FAQs many of our first-time guests and spa members ask when they are considering skincare services.

Why do I need an esthetician?

You have a “hair person” and a “nail person” but do you have a “skin person”? Our estheticians will happily analyze your skin and discuss professional and at-home treatment regimens. They also remove hair, apply lash extensions, and pamper you with amazing spa services like reflexology and back facials.

I’ve never had a facial. Why do I need one?

If you have never had a facial your esthetician will start your session with a skin analysis. They will create a plan to maintain or correct skin challenges such as hyperpigmentation, aging skin, acne, scarring, fine lines, or simply dull skin.

My skin is sensitive. What can I use that is gentle?

It’s a common misconception that professional products cause reactions. Actually, professional products contain high-quality ingredients. It is over-the-counter brands that often cause irritation due to synthetic additives or fragrances. Furthermore, over-the-counter products do not reach the deepest layer of your skin where cell production occurs. Our spa also carries a sensitive skin line to incorporate as needed.

How often should I have a facial?

Facials produce optimal results when done every 30 days. We encourage a series of sessions of 3-6 within a 6 month period to see your skin really transform.

At what age should I begin facials?

For clients who experience breakouts and blackheads, typically preteen age is the time to set up a healthy skincare routine. For others, 20-25 is the best time to start routine facials as the aging process begins and skin cell production starts to slow. After 30 years of age facials naturally progress to anti-aging treatments to combat specific skin problems and reverse the signs of aging. It’s never too late to have beautiful, healthy skin!

What safety precautions are you taking?

Our estheticians are wearing masks as well as face shields during the entire treatment session. Our facility uses disinfectants between each client and allows extra time between guests. We perform screening questions for each visitor and also temperature checks. Clients may only remove their masks when inside the treatment room.

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